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TAKE NOTE PEOPLE! This is what flash should be

This Flash is truley 1 of the best or the best on newgrounds at the moment. From it's witty use of characters how the story shows each single prespective on how they all end up together every thing that drives the story is shown, and thats not including the superb graphics and animation.
The animation alone would have goten this a 10 how the colours render to the light how everything in a scene including the grass and even bugs darken or lighten in some areas and works everything so smoothley. And how each chracter shows, his/her/it's? personality in it's walk. Every aspect of animation has been covered, it's simply amazing and i don't think any of these posts can give it true justice it deserves. The graphics are inspirational from the use of colour to the overall from the way there personality is shown in how they look and work like this you can tell has taken the artist probaly many long nights. The work is art on it's own and should be seen as Art as well as animation, since if 1 frame was taken out and put on a cad art site this would get brilliant reviews on it's own. This is what also gets me steamed about some people they look at an animation and think ''Oh well that was good lets go to a different one'' when they don't at least watch it twice or leave a review, or they do and some braty 11yr old will say ''blam'' so people please give this piece the review it definatly deserves. (I mainly get mad at this because i do art,animation and 3d design in college and i know how much work has gone in to this)So overall a greatttt piece of work very well done top score well done and even though i would like to see a new one have a breather you deserve it ;) .

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a little advice if u want it

the reason i gave u 10 is to be the 1'st to have a good review about u i see in the banna part of the movie it was the best because u actually shown u learnt a few things about flash (back grounds) tween etc. so so far ur on the right track of learning flash the only 3 things i say u could improve on is animating a walk cycle on the character there is a few good flashs on here that teachs that type walk cycles in the search newgrounds box and u should get a few add more character in ur character u can show this by the way his facial expressions are wether his walk is a vibrant happy walk or a life less walk make story boards on paper before u create flash so u know what ur goal in ur flash is going to be and u will find it extremley easier if u do this i think ur character is as u said ''simplistic'' but u can change it a little to make it simplistic yet looks great so i would say do what u want with characters just do what i said above make them have purpose the chainsaw part of the movie felt like i was watching a motion tween and a few frames of blood this is good for learning ur self but not really good for posting on newgrounds since most of the people here are very closed in helping new people as ur self so keep making flash and learn at least 2 things from each flash u make and u should be alright good luck in the future ;)

i am not trying to offend u just give u a little help as well as a good review

meneerken-retteketet responds:

thanks dude, i always appreciate the comments of people who are drunk, especially when i'm drunk myself, which most certainly is the case right now.
Thx for the nice and helpfull review, it made me feel kinda good about myself :)


Even though this authour has died people could still respect his views and likes on things and in this movie i think he's right foamy is way overrated it's usually a few secs long and a squirrel that pisses every 1 off agree or disagree with this movie that was HIS prespective and Tidus GO FUCK URSELF U PIECE OF SHIT!HAVE A BIT OF RESPECT I DIDN'T KNOW HIM BUT DON'T BE SO COLD TOWARDS HIS DEATH

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I'm suprised you never asked me for some way of payment lmao this filthy lovely game is well worth my hard earned! maybe a thought for the future a website full of games like this as the great Borat says

...... - VERY NICE! HOW MUCH? -

but seriously keep making games like this it's nice to see an adult game actually worked on with custom pictures with real gameplay and programing that made the game tonz of fun once again cant give enough props it's

THE best game in the adult section thus far HANDS DOWN!

p.s loving the alternatives shame there was no hentai for the granny those gums went to waste ..shame shame...lol

Listen2Reason responds:

Awesome, glad you enjoyed it!

And, well, we'll just keep what happened with Granny E mysterious...


Me and a few friends pranked called a pizza palce, with this funny as **** The guy on the phone was so confused we played ''i'm fat'' and he said no it's not my problem its ur problem! and hung up we were messin with him for like 5 mins lol TY! for the laughs!

it won't load

i tryed ur link as well and that doesn't load up neither do newgrounds plz fix this problem i ranked it a 5 because i didn't want u to have a bad mark (not like some stupid bastards who bring the movie down with out givin it at least half a mark when it havn't loaded)

I am a student in 3d art and animation i also like to play around with 3DS MAX and MAYA but looking in to flash alittle and lovin it!

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